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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for namakw.com

These terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") are the terms and conditions upon which namakw.com ("we/us") make this website (the "namakw.com") available to you.

These Terms and Conditions govern your use of this website.

1.        Description of services 

1.1.   namakw.com allows and provides a way for you to communicate your orders to Nama Flowers floral shop that reside in the State of Kuwait.

1.2.   The purpose of this website is to provide an easy and convenient online service to customers, linking them to the various products namakw.com offers, and by allowing them to submit orders online. 

2.        Products 

2.1.   All products as represented on namakw.com are available for delivery inside the State of Kuwait only.

2.2.   All products are subject to availability. In the event of any supply difficulties, we reserve the right to substitute with a product of equivalent value and quality without prior notice.

2.3.   In the event that we are unable to supply all or part of your order (the product or any substitute product to you at all), we shall notify you as soon as possible and reimburse your payment in full , subject to agreement,  no later than 30 days after the intended delivery date.

2.4.   Some products on the namakw.com websites are not available for same day delivery unless stated otherwise. 

3.        Price 

3.1.   Prices listed within the website are valid for a maximum of 30 days from the day of ordering, but are subject to change during peak periods and to accommodate the seasonal availability of some flowers.

3.2.   Product prices include the local delivery charge.

3.3.   We reserve the right to change without notice, the price, or prices of any, or all products listed on the website. 

4.        Orders / Payment 

4.1.   During the order process, you will be required to provide us with your complete personal details, including accurate address, together with those of the intended recipient and all necessary payment details.

4.2.   We accept payment via KNET and Credit Card.

4.3.   By clicking on the 'SUBMIT ORDER' button at the end of the order process, you are consenting to be bound by our Terms and Conditions contained in these Terms and Conditions and appearing anywhere on our website.

4.4.   Submitting your order is subject to our acceptance of this offer. We will send an email confirmation of your order details to advise that we are processing your order via the email address you provide. We will not consider ourselves bound by a contract with you until we have issued this email confirmation.

4.5. Should you require special instructions in regard to your order please write this down in the dedicated area in your order or call us or email us on orders@NAMAKW.COM.


5.        Delivery 

5.1.    We will do our best to deliver your order(s) on the date and time you specify in your order. 

5.2.   Selected products are not available for delivery to certain areas and/or on certain date(s) and/or time(s) - where possible we will advise you of these restrictions before proceeding with the carrying out of your order.   

5.3.   Delivery Services - Should you require special instructions about the delivery to be made on same day or within a specific time period please write this down in the dedicated area in your order or call us or email us on orders@NAMAKW.COM.

5.4.   Your intended delivery date will be confirmed in your email order confirmation. 

5.5.   To avoid problems or delays with delivery, please ensure that you have included the full and accurate address details, of the intended recipient and telephone number, together with your daytime contact telephone number or e-mail address so that we can notify you in the event that any delivery problems are encountered.

5.6.   In the case of delivery to certain locations, where a third party is involved, such as offices, hospitals, wedding events, and other business locations, the signature of any person authorized to accept delivery on behalf of the organization shall be accepted as proof of delivery to your chosen recipient.

5.7.   Please note that the namakw.com is only responsible for facilitating the delivery to the address you quote, we regret that where the goods have been correctly delivered we cannot accept responsibility if the intended recipient has moved, or lives elsewhere, and the actual receiver refuses or fails to return item(s).

5.8. Where the delivery driver is unable to find someone to accept delivery, you will be notified immediately.

5.9. In the instance of there being difficulties in delivering your order to the intended recipient we reserve the right to contact the recipient using the contact details you provide at the time of placing your order.

5.10 Before placing your order, please review Terms & Conditions. 

6.        Cancellation 

6.1.   Orders may be amended or cancelled up to 3 working days before the intended delivery date.

6.2.   To amend or cancel your order, please contact Nama Flowers telephone number(s) appearing at your receipt.

6.3.   Orders may not be cancelled on or after the requested order delivery date. 

7.        namakw.com Contact details

7.1.   In the event that you are not satisfied with your order, any complaints should be addressed by email or telephone. 

7.2.   Because of the delicate nature of most products, and in order to assist us in resolving any complaints promptly, and to our mutual satisfaction, we advise you to make any complaint within one working day of the date of delivery or intended delivery of your order. 

8.        Disclaimer 

8.1.   Whilst we agree to use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that the website is fully operational and error-free we cannot guarantee this at all times, and, therefore accept no responsibility for any defects and/or interruption of the website and shall be released from our obligations under these Terms and Conditions in the event of any cause beyond our reasonable control which renders the provision of the website impossible or impractical. 

9.        General 

9.1.   We reserve the right to supplement and amend the Terms and Conditions on which you are permitted to access namakw.com from time to time. We will post any changes on the website and it is your responsibility as a customer to review the Terms and Conditions on each occasion you access the website. Changes will be effective immediately after the posting of any such change and all subsequent dealings between you and us shall be on the new Terms and Conditions.

9.2.   Additionally, we reserve the right to suspend, restrict or terminate access to the website at any time.

9.3.   We shall only use personal data received from you for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations under these Terms and Conditions and as stated in our Privacy Policy.

9.4.   In respect of fraudulent misrepresentation, this agreement (including any documents and instruments referred to herein) supersedes all prior representations, arrangements, understandings, and agreements between you and us (whether written or oral) and sets forth the entire agreement and understanding between you and us relating to the subject matter hereof.

9.5.   Your purchase will be deemed to have occurred in the State of Kuwait. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Kuwaiti Law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the State of Kuwait courts.